8 Reasons why Every Family Needs a Professional Portrait Session

I photographed a very sweet family recently. The post the mom shared on Facebook really summed up everything that I stand for as a photographer; the importance of not only capturing professional images of your family, but why as a mom it’s important to exist in them, too. This is what she posted…

“My heart melted instantly. Thank you to the truly talented Angi Lewis with Angi Lewis Photography for capturing this sweet moment I will cherish forever. As I obsessively stare at this photo and all the cuteness of my little ones faces I’m reminded of why Its important to make the time to schedule a family photo session.

1. My 1,000 Random snapshots on my cell phone I never print and if I do they are always blurry.

2. There’s maybe 1 pic I took on my phone out of 1,000 where all of the kids are looking at the same time and even if they are all facing the camera I’m pretty sure one of the kids are crying or maybe even picking their noses or something of that sort that’s most definitely non editable.

3. If I’m snapping the photo then I’m not in the photo. There may come a day my kids would enjoy having a family photo to look at and relive a moment. THIS. RIGHT. HERE is my heart.”



Family Portrait Session

I could list a thousand reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your next family session, but here are my top eight…



First off, whether you are a working or a stay-at-home mom, chance are you are not a professionally-trained photographer. What’s more, if you’re BEHIND the lens, that means you are not in FRONT of it. What a huge difference it makes when you can relax and hand off the stress of wardrobe coordination, lighting, positing, and getting everyone to respond to a professional who can orchestrate the chaos.



Children who grow up in homes where portraits are displayed have higher self-esteem. They see that mom and dad make them a priority and proudly display their portrait for friends and family to enjoy. In addition, that it is the simple daily enjoyment and celebration of who they are.


Family Portrait Session



Children grow in the blink of an eye. And none of us are promised tomorrow. We’ll never have this moment in time again. The importance of capturing your family in this moment, as you are now (braces, long limbs and awkward growth spurts) is so important. We work so hard and spend money on a nice house, clothing, education, sports activities and vacations for our family. However documenting your family in an heirloom album or a framed wall portrait will become the most valuable thing your family will ever own. This is why you need a family portrait session, this is why every family needs one. 



After nearly every family session I photograph, I receive texts and emails from parents telling me how much fun they had and how their children actually enjoyed the shoot. Most importantly, I make it a priority in each session I photograph for everyone to feel valued, beautiful and allow who they are to shine through. We laugh, tell silly jokes and enjoy the moment we are creating for your family.  


Family Photography



Have you ever had a professional coordinate your wardrobe or had your hair and makeup professionally done while sipping a mimosa? The stress of handing that off to someone else alone is reward in itself! You work so hard for your family… let someone take care of you for a day.



We all know the ‘home decor’ stores that we run to when we’ve repainted the house or watched an episode of Fixer Upper. But why hang generic, non-emotive wall art that everyone else has on their walls? A beautiful museum quality canvas of your own family proudly hanging in the foyer or over the fireplace tells everyone who visits to your home just how important your family is.



John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” What are your objections? Need to lose weight? I can take 10 pounds off in posing and another 10 in Photoshop. Your children will never see a photo of you and think “Gosh, mom should have lost 20 pounds before she had the Family portrait taken.” Your family loves you just the way you are. Love yourself and live in the moment with them.



Our current photos may be on Facebook, Instagram or in a cloud, but how will these benefit future generations? Flash drives and DVD’s won’t always be the standard medium or even accessible in 10 year’s time (remember the floppy disk?). Think of the thousands of photos on your smart phone. How many of those will your children, grandchildren and one day great-grandchildren actually see? Not to mention, how will you show your children the journey of your life?


Children Photography

Above all, the images I will capture today will one day become the most important thing your family will ever own. Documenting your legacy is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give them. This is why you need a Family Portrait Session. Let’s start your journey



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