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Beauty & skin prep GUIDE



Step 1: make appointments

When booking your salon and spa appointments, be sure to keep your session date in mind. Many treatments are time-sensitive. (Example: waxing your brows shouldn’t be booked too close to your shoot to avoid redness). Don’t forget to wax legs and underarms if necessary.

Houston's Premiere Portrait & Headshot Photographer Angi Lewis Photography

Step 2: Drink more water and get plenty of sleep

We all know water is important, yet we still forget to drink enough. Start now. Start a nightly routine to get into a good sleep pattern to avoid those dark under eye circles!

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Step 3: avoid the sun, self-tanning & Botox

Sunburns and tan lines are session ruiners. Use sunscreen and stay in the shade. If you usually spray tan or use self tanning lotion, take a hiatus until after your shoot. Avoid anything that isn’t part of your usual beauty routine. Also avoid facials, fillers, or botox within one week of your scheduled shoot.

Houston's Premiere Portrait & Headshot Photographer Angi Lewis Photography

Step 4: refresh your hair color & get a Trim

If you dye your hair, touching up your regrowth three days before your photo shoot is ideal. Keep in mind this is not the time for drastic changes. Neat, healthy hair is youthful and vibrant. If it’s been a while since your last haircut, go for a subtle trim. Likewise, your salon can do a conditioning or gloss treatment, or use your favorite deep conditioner at home to make those locks shine. The evening before (or, ideally, the morning of) your shoot, blow dry your hair to smooth, voluminous perfection. Tell your stylist to use minimal product, avoid using hot tools (such as curling or straightening irons), and skip the hairspray.

Houston's Premiere Portrait & Headshot Photographer Angi Lewis Photography

Step 5: get a manicure & pedicure

Soft, neutral colors work best. While you’re at it, toss in the pedicure (go for the same color on your toes).

Houston's Premiere Portrait & Headshot Photographer Angi Lewis Photography



Kickstart your hairstyle with a good blowout or a good wash the night before. 2nd day hair works well for most people.

skip the makeup but moisturize

Apply moisturizer at least 2 hours before your scheduled session, but arrive with a makeup-free face. 

sleep and eat

Get a good night’s sleep and don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast.

ready, set go!


This guide will give you all of the necessary steps to prepare your skin and body for a great photoshoot! As always, feel free to give us a call if you have any specific questions.

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Session Day Tips


  • Kickstart your hairstyle with a good blowout.


  • Arrive with clean, dry hair and a makeup-free, moisturized face. Our H&MUA Stephanie will take care of everything else!


  • Make sure all of your wardrobe pices are ironed and wrinkle-free.


  • Get a good night’s sleep and don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast.


  • Forward your phone to voicemail so that you can enjoy your expereince! 

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