Angi Lewis Photography | Message for the “not ready for photos” mom

There’s something I hear quite often that’s really weighing on my heart. Something that I feel compelled to discuss. As a family portrait photographer, I come across a lot of moms. And I hear so many say thinks like…

“I’d absolutely love to do photos right now but I don’t feel good about my weight.”

 “I really hate my arms and my stomach. I just don’t look good in photos.”

“You can make me look skinny in Photoshop, right?”

And sadly, I can relate.  Moment of truth: I’m not the 112 lb. skinny girl I was in high school any more either. In fact, both of my boys are teenagers now and I STILL have baby weight lol!  If we’re all being honest, very few of us are at our ideal weight or consider ourselves to be the world’s definition of ‘beautiful’. That’s why the diet and beauty industries rake in billions and billions of dollars each year.  In the words of Baz Luhrmann, “Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.”  If you’ve never heard his song Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen you should have a listen and really absorb the lyrics. It will immediately put life into perspective.  (And I’m not gonna lie… you may even need a Kleenex.)  Here is a snippet…

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth, oh, never mind
You will never understand the power  and the beauty of your youth until they’ve faded

But trust me, in twenty years
You will look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now
How much possibility lay before you
And how fabulous you really looked
You are not as fat as you imagine

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can
Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it
It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own

I have a message for all moms that have ever thought or said I’m not good enough right now. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW. JUST AS YOU ARE. Yes you. Even without makeup. Without your hair fixed. Want to know why? Because you are YOU.  You are someone’s world: a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a best friend. To someone (or multiple someones) you are the center of the universe. You are their role model, their soulmate, their everything. Just. As. You. Are.

Not to take things to sad town here, but let’s face it… none of us are promised tomorrow. Sadly I’ve had two very dear friends (who are both young themselves) lose their mothers this year to cancer. Thankfully both of them took professional photographs of their mothers. Their memories and the printed images they now have mean more than ever. One friend even said, “I actually regret not having even MORE photos but I cherish the ones I do have. They are moments in time you never get back!”

Everyone important in your life admires you for who you are: your husband, your parents, especially your children. They do not look at photos of you and think “mom is fat.” They look at you and see both the outer and inner beauty you possess. As I said, none of us are promised tomorrow. I encourage you to leave a legacy for your children. So many moms opt out of being in photos even on their own iPhones because of self-image issues. I implore of you… PLEASE DON’T BE THAT MOM. Live life. Enjoy life. And be in your own photos!

And since as I always try to live up to my own words and advice, this is one of my favorite photos taken last year by a dear friend and photographer Pamela Greer in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Family Photographer family jumping in street near Walnut Street Bridge


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