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Surely you just work with models, right? I mean, I’m not photogenic.

Being photogenic isn’t a gene you’re born with. In fact, 99% of our clients are not models either! Being in the hands of a professional who can orchestrate the right hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting and posing will make you look (and feel) like a celebrity.

Should I wait to schedule? I need to lose weight.

I am a firm believer in living in the moment. Besides, I am good for 20 pounds… 10 in posing and 10 in Photoshop. With the right direction, we’ll capture you at your absolute best. And remember, no one has ever looked at a gorgeous portrait and said “Gosh she’s beautiful but she should have lost weight first.”

Will you edit my images? I am very self-consicous about the way I look.

Yes, we call it “responsible editing”. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen images of people who have been overly-Photoshopped and thought WOAH! People want to see the real you in your portraits and in your marketing images. We’ll make them say WOW! Our amazing hair and makeup artist will enhance your natural beauty. We’ll discuss how you want to be styled so that you’ll look like the best version of you on your best day! And we’ll of course edit those pesky fly aways, blemishes and clothing bumps.

Do you help with wardrobe? I have no idea what to wear.

We do! Wardrobe consultation is part of your Styling Appointment. We will discuss the colors and pieces that will work best for what you want to capture. We also have a full Wardrobe Guide that you’ll receive when you book your session.

We also have a studio wardrobe including several dresses, gowns and silks used for our Celebrity for a Day Sessions, all of which you can try on during your Styling Appointment!

Will you pose me during the session? I have no idea what to, especially with my hands.

Of course! Our sessions are fully-guided, meaning we’ll pose you from toes to nose. We’ll find your most flattering angles and help you look your best!

Do you guarantee your work? I’ve had sessions done before and hated the images.

Absolutely. But truth be told, our process of getting to know you and your needs before you ever step in front of the camera ensures that we have your best interests (and angles!) in mind, which turns our clients into raving fans. You’ll also get to see a few sneak peeks along the way to show you that you’re rocking your session!

Is this going to be expensive? I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Great question. And the answer is, it’s entirely up to you! Our Personal Branding and Celebrity for a Day Portrait Sessions include an $800 image/print credit. Some clients spend $5k and some spend $20k. You only buy what you love. And you don’t have to make that decision until you see your amazing images.



Do I really need more than one image? I’m not sure what personal branding is.

Chances are you need images for more than just one application (i.e. LinkedIn, your website, Facebook, Instagram, email signature, speaking engagement bio, just to name a few!). An image that works well for LinkedIn may not be as scroll-stopping for social media (and vice versa). A strong collection of branded images will tell your business’s story. And they will help you stay in front of your target audience. Which after all, is the main goal of stellar headshots!


What is your rescheduling policy? 

Keeping the schedule humming along allows us to provide you and all of our clients with top-notch service. If you need to reschedule due to illness or an emergency, we understand life happens. Because we reserve your date and professional hair and makeup artistry just for you, your session fee is non-refundable but will carry over to your rescheduled session. There is a rescheduling fee of $250. Please note: we are often booked two months out (including sessions and styling appointments). Credit card processing fees are non-refundable. 



When do I get to see the images? I know I’ll be so excited!

We’re excited too! And of course we’ll show you sneak peeks throughout the session itself. For Custom Sessions we conduct Reveal & Ordering Appointments within 2-3 days from your session (either in person or via Zoom). All decision makers must be present. If unavailable, we’ll be sure to find a time that works for everyone’s schedule. We do not offer online galleries. One Ordering Appointment is included with your session. Additional ordering appointments may incur a fee. For Headshot Minis, we conduct same-day Reveal & Ordering Appointments. 


Can I purchase additional images later?

We are here to help you select the best images that will serve you. And it’s easier than you think to choose. We’ll hold your hand each step of the way! However, we do not keep non-purchased images after your Reveal & Ordering Appointment. Rest assured we’ll help you get what you need and help you select your absolute favorites! 

Can I do my own makeup or use my own hair and makeup artist?

If you’re reading this, you’re already invested in getting THE best headshots and portraits, right? If you’re hiring us for the best results, we can’t control anything outside of what we produce, including hair and makeup services. Don’t worry. Between our H&MU consultation AND the meticulous test shots well do after you’re ready, you’ll see the commitment to making sure you love how you look… just like celebrities in their professional shoots!


If you’re looking for personal branding photographs, look no further! Angi really gets to know you and what you want the photos to convey. I was hoping to get maybe two photos that I loved. I had a hard time choosing because I LOVED all of them!


“Angi did a fantastic job with our corporate headshots. Coordinaitng 20 people all in a day was a lot of work and she handleed it perfeclty. Our entire team said it was the most painless process they have ever been through.”


Angi and Stephanie were amazing! It usually takes me awhile to get comfortable, but immediately walking in I felt at ease. They truly cared about every shot, making sure my hair and clothes were perfect!”


“I was very nervous about having business headshots taken and they made the experience completely painless. Angi addressed all of my concerns and produced photos that really showed the best version of me.”









We believe everyone deserves to feel like a celebrity.


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