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Houston Photographer | The Perfect Wall Arrangement

Let’s face it, we all either know someone (or are the someone) with that one wall in their home that’s more naked than a Kardashian on Twitter. It’s that wall that you were so excited about decorating when you moved in but never got around to it because life got in...

Family Portraits Houston: 3 Generation Session

Family Portraits Houston: 3 Generation Session… This is one of my most treasured family photos. It’s old and faded, however, it proudly hangs on our wall just at the bottom of the staircase (in the perfect position to be saved God forbid the house ever catches on...

Photography portfolio: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story

This month’s photography portfolio is dedicated to my sweet friend Leigh.  I had the honor of photographing her a few weeks ago. Leigh is one of the strongest, most positive, and inspiring women I’ve ever met. At just 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As you...

Houston Photographer | The Importance of Photographs

Portraits… Since the very first portrait taken in 1839, portraits have become a visual link to the people we love most in our lives. We honor them by capturing not only their likeness but who they truly are as people. We record this on what is in my opinion, one of...

Everything You Need to Know About Senior Portraits

Senior year is an incredibly exciting time in your life. Graduation, celebrations, and perhaps college are just around the corner. Capturing this milestone year with a senior portrait session will ensure you’ll have amazing photos of your special year to enjoy for a...

5 Tips for a Perfect Headshot

Headshots are a critical part of your personal brand. The saying is true… you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Headshots showcase who you are: your personality, your professionalism, and of course, your approachability. As the face of your...

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