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Let’s face it, we all either know someone (or are the someone) with that one wall in their home that’s more naked than a Kardashian on Twitter. It’s that wall that you were so excited about decorating when you moved in but never got around to it because life got in the way. After all, kids need packed lunches, the house needs cleaning and the smelly sports uniforms in the laundry basket are calling.  I totally get it. So every day you walk past it, look up and dream–a dream that one day you will actually have the time to display your perfect family portrait (especially one of all your children getting along for a blissful 5 seconds).  Looking back down at the laundry basket, reality sets in, and your dream of a perfect wall arrangement is once again relegated to the bottom of the to-do list.

What if I could make your dream a reality? Say arrivederci to the envy of walking into your neighbor’s house, seeing all of her gorgeous family photos proudly and beautifully displayed on her walls because that CAN be your home. “How,” you ask? Easy! And I’ll tell you…

Houston Photographer matted prints of family over couch

Some photographers show up to your session, shoot the images they think you want, hand you a disk and never look back, leaving you in the dark and without a plan to do anything other than tossing it into a drawer, never to see the light of day. Not me. I care about your client experience. I also care about your images and your legacy. And that’s where I’m different. My passion, my creativity, and my desire to help you design the perfect wall arrangement for your blank space is the solution you’ve been looking for. I will hold your hand through each step of your photograph experience, beginning with a discussion over coffee regarding your photography needs… what’s most important to you… what you want to capture… and equally important… where you want to proudly display your beautiful prints and canvases in your home.  From there I’ll help you measure the space, consider your decor and color scheme to style the perfect photo session for you.  I don’t shoot and hope for the best, I plan for the best by knowing exactly what your needs are.

After your session, I will come to your home again for your Reveal & Ordering Session where I will help you select your favorite images from your session and help design the perfect wall arrangement.  To make it even easier, I have a software program that will allow me to use an actual image of your wall (taken with a smartphone), calibrate it, and show you exactly what your images will look like on your own walls in different arrangements before you even make a purchasing decision.  The customized photography experience I provide gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy your images each and every time you look at them. I will create treasured keepsakes for you to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

See the photo above? These images are from a session I photographed a few months back. That is a virtual representation of what those images would look like in matted prints in that arrangement style. They are not actual prints hanging on the wall. Pretty amazing huh? This could be your living room and your beautiful photos. You deserve a full-service photography experience. And I can proudly provide that for you.

So, if you’ve seen your naked walls one too many times, call me. I’d love to hear from you and work to create your dream wall arrangement!

Call me now at 281-224-1542. I look forward to hearing from you!