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Do you ever think about what your parents taught you that has helped you in your adult life? I am a working mom and a professional brand photographer, and I often reflect on the lessons my late father taught me. Even though he is no longer with us, the lessons he taught me still resonate within me and always will.

Here are three important lessons I learned from my father that have helped me in my personal life and in my career…
My Dad was one of the kindest, hard-working and dedicated people I’ve ever known. This was simply who he was. He gave all he had with kindness in his heart and he was devoted to his family and work. Because of his example, I live my life in gratitude for those I love and for a business to which I’m whole-heartedly committed.

My dad never met a stranger and everyone who knew him loved him dearly. He was the one who always offered to lend a hand, even to those he did not know. He taught me to be patient and giving with not only those closest to me, but with everyone I meet.

He was incredibly generous with his time and helped so many people along both their business and spiritual journeys. My dad was the guy who could sense sadness in someone and make them smile. He was also never too busy to help colleagues and friends with a range of projects from the most laborious to the simplest – and it never bothered him. He taught me that making time for those I care about and supporting those I love is what matters most in life.

My dad changed so many lives during his short 70 years on this earth. He didn’t realize all the teachable moments I absorbed as he lived his life as the wonderful, caring dad I knew him to be. Because of everything he brought to my life and to others, I aspire every day to be just like him. I’m so grateful to have had a father that lived his life with love and grace and for shaping me into the person I am today. Thanks, Dad. x